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How to Setup Netflix® on the Sony® dash™ Personal Internet Viewer

  1. On the Sony dash unit:
    1. Press the MENU/SNOOZE button on the top of the dash viewer.
    2. Tap MENU.
    3. Tap Video.
    4. Tap Netflix: Watch Instantly.
      • Select Yes if you have a current Netflix account.
      • Select No if you don't have a Netflix Account then select Yes on next screen.
    5. Write down the 4 digit activation code
  2. On your computer:
    1. Go to
    2. Login to an existing account or create an account.
    3. Enter the 4 digit activation code from the dash unit and allow the activation to complete.

      activate a netflix ready device
  3. Your Sony dash can now access movies available in your Netflix instant queue.

    dash netflix home screen

    Note: To add movies to your Netflix instant queue, login to your Netflix account from your computer and select Add to Instant Queue for movies that have a blue Play tab below them.

    netflix add to instant queue