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Where are my computer system recovery disks?

Posted: 12/13/2004

Your Sony® VAIO® computer comes installed with the VAIO Recovery Wizard Utility. This utility can be used to create system recovery disks that enable you to format and recover your computer to the original configuration.

If instead you wish to purchase the System Recovery DVD Assembly Kit for your model, please contact the Sony Direct Accessories & Parts Center (DAPC) at 1-800-488-SONY (1-800-488-7669), or click the appropriate part number, below, to order online.

DAPC Hours of operation:

  • 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Monday through Friday, Central Time.
  • 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. on Saturdays, Central Time.
  • 11:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. on Sundays, Central Time.

Notebook Computers
Model Part Number
(Click Part Number to order online)
PCG-K33 A-1090-634-A
PCG-K33P A-1090-635-A
PCG-K33Q A-1090-642-A
PCG-K35/K37 A-1090-634-A
VGN-A230 A-1090-636-A
VGN-A230B/A230P A-1090-638-A
VGN-A240 A-1090-636-A
VGN-A240B/A240P A-1090-638-A
VGN-A250/A260 A-1090-637-A
VGN-A270 A-1090-636-A
VGN-A270B/A270P A-1090-638-A
VGN-A290 A-1090-637-A
VGN-B100 A-1091-922-A
VGN-B100B A-1091-923-A
VGN-B100P A-1091-923-A
VGN-S240P Please call for assistance.
VGN-S260 A-1091-981-A
VGN-S260P A-1091-982-A
VGN-S270 A-1091-981-A
VGN-S270B/S270P A-1091-982-A
VGN-T140P A-1091-923-A
VGN-T150 A-1091-922-A
VGN-T150P/T160P/T170P A-1091-923-A
VGN-U750P A-1091-984-A

Desktop Computers
Model Part Number
(Click Part Number to order online)
PCV-RS700C A-1096-503-A
PCV-RS700CB A-1096-504-A
PCV-RS700CG A-1096-503-A
PCV-RS700CGP/RS700CP A-1096-504-A
PCV-RS710G/RS712 A-1096-502-A
PCV-RS720G/RS724G/RS726G/RS730G A-1096-503-A
VGC-RA820G/RA822G/RA825G/RA826G/RA828G A-1094-437-A
VGC-RA920G Please call for assistance.

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