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Bluetooth® device compatibility list for the MEX-BT2507

Posted: 6/25/2007

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General Notes

  • The Bluetooth® enabled mobile phone and audio device compatibility presented in this document is validated under certain conditions, including the device specification at the time of testing. These results are not guaranteed and are subject to change without notice.
  • Be sure to refer to the manual or vendor of each mobile phone or audio device for assistance in the operation/setup with the MEX-BT2507 head unit.
  • Some mobile phones may disconnect the Bluetooth connection when the Handsfree mode is turned off on the MEX-BT2507. In this case, reconnect to the MEX-BT2507 through the mobile phone.
  • You may not be able to completely end a call on some mobile phones, even though the speech partner has hung up. In this case, please end the call by pressing the SEL button on the MEX-BT2507.
  • The MEX-BT2507 unit will not connect to a Bluetooth device with a fixed passcode other than "0000".
  • To place a call from the MEX-BT2507 use the redial function to a previously dialed number, otherwise, to use other functions, stop your vehicle, and use your mobile phone to initiate the call.
    Note: Depending on your phone, it may be necessary to use the Call Transfer function.
  • Depending on the audio device, some audio operation functions, such as skip track, may not work with the MEX-BT2507.
  • Sound interruption may occur during Handsfree talking or Music Streaming depending on the operation status, radio wave condition and utilization condition of the mobile phone or audio device.
  • There may be a time lag between the operation of the MEX-BT2507 and the mobile phone during an incoming/outgoing call.
  • If unable to operate the Bluetooth function of the MEX-BT2507, please follow these steps to reset the head unit:
    • Turn off the MEX-BT2507 unit by pressing the OFF button for 2 seconds.
    • Turn on the MEX-BT2507 unit by pressing the OFF button for 2 seconds or press the Source button to select the source.
    Note: To ensure synchronization with the head unit, turn off and then turn on your connected Bluetooth device at the same time.
  • If the MEX-BT2507 music replay operation is unavailable, or the sound isn't being outputted, operate the Bluetooth audio device directly for music replay.
  • Noise and/or echo may occur during a call.
  • The MEX-BT2507 supports the following Bluetooth profiles: A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile), AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile), HFP1.0 (Hands-Free Profile), and HSP (Headset Profile).

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