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Reader™ Digital Book Setup & FAQ

Reader™ Digital Books offer many exciting features, such as wireless connection and access to books from a public library. You can cherish your favorite titles without the distraction of annoying ads. Reader software is available on the Reader Digital Book and for your computer which allows you to purchase books from the Reader™ Store and manage your library.

Note: Not all features are available on all models of Reader Digital Books. Check the specifications for your model for available features.

Getting Started

The following steps will guide you through setting up and using the Reader Digital Book:

STEP 1. Install the Reader Software
STEP 2. Connect
STEP 3. Create a Reader Store Account
STEP 4. Authorize the Reader Digital Book with a Reader Store Account
STEP 5. Download Books from the Reader Store
STEP 6. Transfer Books to the Reader Digital Book
STEP 7. Download Books from the Public Library
STEP 8. Read a Book

FAQ & Troubleshooting

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