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PlayMemories™ Online Support Page (FAQs)

You can use it, but it is recommended to update to a PlayStation™ Network (SEN) account before using PlayMemories Online.

There is no specific time limit, but it is recommended to update to a PlayStation™ Network (SEN) account as soon as possible.

Yes, you can. If you have a Personal Space account that has not been updated to the PlayStation™ Network (SEN) account, please finish updating your account before using PlayMemories Online.

If the message "An account with this e-mail address already exists." appears, visit the PlayMemories Online website ( and update the account from the [Sign In] screen.

If you use PlayMemories Home older than Ver.1.3, please update it to Ver.1.3 or later.

In order to retrieve your password, visit the PlayMemories Online website ( and click on the "Forgot Your Password?" link. Enter your registered e-mail address and you will be sent an e-mail with a link to reset your password.

Yes, they can.

Each account has a 5GB storage space in total. The size of each file is limited to 200MB, but the number of files are unlimited.

PlayMemories Online supports movies, uploading and downloading images/movies with a web browser and BRAVIA TVs that were not supported by Personal Space.

Yes, you can.

Basic functions, such as Library, Albums, Friends and Postcards, are common to all PlayMemories Online interfaces. However, using the dedicated PlayMemories Online application for each device or operating system (i.e. Android™, iOS, etc.) will provide a user experience optimized for each device.

The functions and operations are the same. However, because the P-series has two screens, the display format has the following differences:

  • When viewing in full screen, the images are always displayed in landscape mode in the upper screen.
  • When viewing in portrait mode, the lists of sharing groups and libraries are displayed on the left screen and the content list in displayed on the right screen.

Yes, you can. If the image is shared in the original size, you can select the size option (Small, Medium or Original) when downloading.

Images will be shared as an Album or Postcard, and those images can be viewed by recipients even if they don't have a PlayStation™ Network (SEN) account. However, if they want to use the PlayMemories Online application (i.e. Android, iOS, etc.) to view the images, they need to have a PlayStation™ Network (SEN) account. Applications can be used free of charge.

Yes, they can download the images using a web browser if they have a PlayStation™ Network (SEN) account.

The Postcard function only shares the online image with the recipients. It does not actually send the image. Therefore, if you delete the image online, it will not be accessible to the recipients. If you want to keep the images accessible for the recipients, do not delete the online image.

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