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How to Setup and Use Pandora® Internet Radio on the Sony® dash™ Personal Internet Viewer

Setup Pandora on the Sony dash unit

  1. Use a computer to go to and sign in.
  2. Click My Dash.
  3. Click Personalized Music and Video.

  4. Click Link to Service.

  5. Login to an existing account or create a new Pandora account.

  6. After you have logged in, an All done window will open. Close this window.

Use Pandora on the Sony dash unit

  1. Press the MENU/SNOOZE button on the top of the dash viewer.
  2. Tap MENU.
  3. Tap Pandora Internet Radio.
  4. Tap an existing station to begin listening or tap New Station to create a new one.


  • Stations created via your computer at can be selected on the Sony dash unit.
  • Stations created via the Sony dash unit can be selected on your computer.
  • Tap Options on the Sony dash to make additional selections such as Skip, Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down etc.