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Congratulations! You are on your way to enjoying the great new features of Windows® 7.

Here are the recommended steps to install Windows® 7 on your computer.
  1. Read important information from Microsoft about upgrading from Windows Vista® to Windows 7 or upgrading from Windows® XP to Windows 7.

  2. Purchase a retail copy of the Windows® 7 operating system
  3. Print a copy of the step-by-step instructions to install Windows® 7 provided below that apply for your computer. You will need to follow these instructions to ensure a successful installation. It is strongly recommended that you read these instructions BEFORE beginning any installation.
  4. Download the Windows® 7 drivers provided by Sony for your model.
    • Although basic system functionality may be enabled with the drivers that come with Windows® 7, Sony provides certain drivers to enhance compatibility and system useability
    • You can copy these files to your hard drive or directly to external media such as a CD/DVD, Memory Stick® media, Memory Card or external hard drive.
      Note They will need to be copied onto external media when you begin the installation process.
  5. Use the Microsoft Easy Transfer tool to migrate settings and files from another computer if desired.

Sony provides a wide range of help and support for Windows® 7 for your computer
Watch Windows® 7 Videos
Courtesy of Microsoft®

Learn the basics of getting started with Windows® 7
  1. Transfer files and settings with Windows Easy Transfer
  2. How to customize a specific power plan within the Power Options section of the operating system.
  3. How to create a user account password.
  4. How to adjust the sound balance.
  5. How to change the desktop theme or background.

Explore the new features to improve your productivity
  1. How to use Jump Lists.
  2. What is a Homegroup and how do I set it up?
  3. How to pin a program to the taskbar.
  4. What is the Action Center feature and how can it help me identify and solve common problems on my computer?
  5. How to use the Snap Windows Feature.

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