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Can I install Windows® 7 on this model?

If your computer meets the system requirements to run the Windows® 7 operating system, your model should be able to install and run Windows® 7.

To determine this, please use the Microsoft® Windows® 7 Upgrade Advisor. This program scans your computer for potential compatibility issues and will let you know if there are Windows® 7 upgrade options for the computer.

The Microsoft® Windows® 7 Upgrade Advisor says that my computer is compatible. What do I need to do now?
  1. First, read the information provided by Microsoft about upgrading from upgrading from Windows Vista® to Windows 7 or upgrading from Windows® XP to Windows 7 (whichever applies for your computer) to learn about the upgrade process.
  2. Purchase a retail copy of the version of Windows® 7 that the Microsoft® Windows® 7 Upgrade Advisor tool recommends for you.
  3. Backup important files to external media such as a CD or DVD, to an external hard drive or a network storage device.
  4. Install the operating system following Microsoft's instructions.
  5. Use the Microsoft Windows Easy Transfer tool to migrate settings and files from another computer if desired.
Don't I need drivers from Sony for Microsoft® Windows® 7?

Not necessarily. Basic system functionality should be automatically enabled with the drivers included within the Windows® 7 operating system.

However, if one of the drivers that came with the operating system does not work with your system, you can try installing the Windows Vista® version of the driver provided by Sony for your model. Many of the Windows Vista® drivers are compatible with Windows® 7 based on current testing. Make sure you choose the bit version (32-bit or 64-bit) that matches your version of Windows® 7.

Note: Sony software applications that originally shipped with the computer may not work after upgrade.

WARNING: If the Microsoft® Windows® 7 Upgrade Advisor states that your computer is NOT COMPATIBLE, it is strongly recommended that you DO NOT install the Windows® 7® operating system.

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