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Sony Store Frequently Asked Questions

As we evolve our US business, Sony Store Online has stopped taking orders as of 1 pm (PST) August 28, 2015. We've also brought a new Sony experience to customers across the nation in-store & online. Please visit our new electronics product site at!

*Please visit the Sony Store, located at 25 Madison Ave. NYC to shop our latest products.


Order Information

Q. Is the order that I placed before August 29, 2015 "final sale" or is it returnable?

A. Orders on our site will follow the normal return policy. Please see our return policy for more details.

Q. I have one or more orders on backorder. Will I still receive my backorder?

A. Online backorders for which inventory is unavailable as of August 28, 2015 will be cancelled. Customers will receive an email of this cancellation. Please contact a Sony Authorized Dealer for inventory availability in your area.

Warranty Terms

Q. How do I purchase an extended warranty service plan?

A. Extended warranty plans can be purchased until the last date of online sales which is August 28, 2015. After this date, we recommend you purchase an extended warranty plan from a Sony Authorized Dealer.

Q. What happens to my previously purchased extended warranty service plan?

A. Your purchased extended warranty service plans will still be valid for the life of the plan.

Q. Does the product I purchase before site closure still have a limited warranty?

A. Yes, the products will still come with limited warranty. Your product's warranty details are included in the box.

Returns / Exchanges

Q. How do I return my Sony online purchase?

A. Please see our return policy.

Q. How do I get assistance with my product under the limited warranty?

A. If your product is valid for service within the limited warranty period, please contact 800-222-7669 for assistance.

Q. Can I exchange an order?

A. You can return a product and purchase a new product until the last date of online sales which is August 28, 2015.

Gift Cards

Q. How do I redeem my gift card?

A. The Sony Store stopped accepting gift cards on August 28th. Sony has partnered with Cardpool, Inc. to make exchanging your Sony Store or Sony Style gift card quick and easy. There are no fees for this service and the entire balance of your virtual or plastic gift card will be transferred to an Amazon eGift Card - learn more here. If your balance is less than $10.00, please contact Sony Customer Service at (800)892-7669 for assistance.

Sony Rewards

Q. What happens to my Sony Rewards points?

A. Your Sony Rewards points balance stays intact, even when the Sony Store online website closes down. You will not lose any accumulated Sony Rewards points, and will still be able to earn and redeem Sony Rewards points.

Q. How will I still be able to earn and redeem Sony Rewards points?

A. Sony Rewards members can still enjoy earning points – whether purchasing your favorite PlayStation game, streaming your favorite movie or music, registering your Blu-Ray Discs or DVDs, or uploading your ticket stubs from the latest movies.

And, members can redeem points for great rewards including the latest game titles, hottest tunes from your favorite artists, exclusive VIP experiences and more! To check out our Sony Rewards catalog of rewards, or for more information, visit

Sony Card

Q. Where can I apply for a Sony Card?

A. You can apply for a Sony Card at

Q. Where can I use my Sony Card?

A. Your Sony Card is similar to any credit card. You can still get 5 extra points for purchasing a Sony product through a Sony Authorized Dealer. See for more details.

Sony Financing

Q. If I financed my purchase through Sony, what happens with my payments?

A. There are no changes to your existing obligation to Synchrony Bank.

Q. Where can I use my Sony Financing?

A. Please contact Synchrony Bank for a list of participating retailers.


Q. Will I still get my emails from Sony Electronics?

A. Yes, if you previously provided us with permission to contact you, you will still get the emails with the latest product news and previews, local events and exciting promotions.

Q. Can I still get a 10% student discount?

A. Thank you for your interest, but we will no longer be honoring a 10% student discount after our last sale date of August 28, 2015.

Q. Can a business still buy from Sony using a purchase-order?

A. The last date of Sony Store online business sales is August 28, 2015. After this date, businesses should contact a Sony Authorized Dealer to place orders.

Q. Where are Sony stores?

A. All Sony Stores have been closed, except our flagship at 550 Madison Ave. in New York City. We apologize for the inconvenience, and ask you visit one of our Sony Authorized Dealers to our great products.

Q. Where do I buy Sony products in the future?

A. Please visit one of our Sony Authorized Dealers.

Q. Where will I get information about new Sony products in the future?

A. Sony will still be developing great products. Please visit for product information and where to purchase.

Q. What is going to happen to my personal information?

A. Your contact and other personal information will continue to be treated in accordance with the terms of our Privacy Policy, which can be viewed here:

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