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Product Repair - Frequently Asked Questions

General Information for VAIO® Computers

All VAIO computer repairs and any questions related the repair are now handled by Best Buy. Locate a Best Buy store near you.

General Information for Consumer Electronics

Q: What is the repair process?

A: The process varies based on your product type and issue. In some cases, we may be able to send you a part you can replace on your own, while others require a technician be sent to your location (on-site repair) or your device be sent to a service center (depot repair).

Q: When does a device have to be sent to a service center?

A: Here are three common reasons:

  • The device has cosmetic or physical damage, which may not be covered by our standard warranty.
  • The device or issue requires specialized tools or equipment not available during an on-site repair.
  • Previous attempts to repair the device on-site have failed.

Q: How do I schedule a repair for my device?

A: Visit our Product Repair page for repair options for your product.

Q: How long will it take for my device to be repaired?

A: Typical turn-around time is approximately 10 business days after we receive your device. However, there are factors such as parts availability that may change that timeframe.

Q: How can I check my repair status?

A: Use the same contact information you used to setup your repair. Make sure you have your repair work order or event ID handy.

Q: Can I send a Credit Card statement as POP?

A: No, a credit card statement is not acceptable for proof of purchase. A valid proof of purchase is the original receipt or a copy of the bill of sale from the dealer, and should contain:

  • Dealer Name
  • Date of Purchase or shipment date
  • Model Name or Number
  • Price Paid
  • Any conditions of sale

Q: What does my warranty cover?

A: Please review the Terms and Conditions of your Warranty Card.

Q: I want to know the warranty status of my product?

A: Please review the Terms and Conditions of your Warranty Card.

Q: Does warranty cover supplied accessories?

A: Supplied Accessories are covered as part of our Manufacturer's Warranty. Please review the Terms and Conditions of your Warranty Card for additional information.

Q: Does my warranty cover accidental damage?

A: Physical Damage is not covered as part of our Manufacturer's Warranty. Please consult the Warranty Card for the complete Terms and Conditions.

Q: If my product is out of warranty, can I still send it in for repair?

A: Visit our Product Repair page to review Out of Warranty Repair Options.

Q: Will having my product repaired reset or extend my existing warranty?

A: There is a 90 day warranty on repairs or the balance of your existing warranty, whichever is greater.

Q: How do I use my extended warranty?

A: Please refer to our Extended Service Plans page for information.

Advanced Exchange for Consumer Electronics

Q: Why do you need my credit card for an In-Warranty Advance Exchange?

A: We will be sending you the replacement device before we receive the original device, so the credit card is used to guarantee the return of the original device.

Q: How will I return my original device to Sony after I receive an Advance Exchange?

  • TVs larger than 55 inches (screen measured diagonally)
    • When your TV is delivered, the truck driver will pick up your old TV. Please make sure your TV is ready to be placed in the shipping carton. It should already be detached from the wall and all brackets must be removed from the TV.
  • All other products
    • A pre-paid shipping label and instructions to return your product will be included. Your original unit must be returned to Sony within 15 days of receipt of the replacement.

Q: Will I receive the same model number?

A: The replacement device will be for the same or a comparable model.

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