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Microsoft® Windows Vista® Operating System Compatible CD Walkman® Players

Posted: 1/30/2007

General Notes

If you have upgraded your computer to use the Windows Vista operating system, Sony does not guarantee the operation of your Sony portable audio device with that computer.

Note: If you have used the Windows Vista upgrade disc, provided by Sony®, to upgrade a VAIO® Windows Vista Compatible computer, the operation of your Sony portable audio device is supported with that computer.

Applications that are not compatible with Windows Vista operating system


Visual and Voice Editor

WAV Conversion Tool

Visual and Voice Player

MD Simple Burner

Memory Stick Voice Editor

Net MD Simple Burner

Digital Voice Player

SonicStage® Simple Burner


MP3 File Manager

ICS Converter

Microsoft Windows Vista Operating System Compatible CD Walkman Players

Sony has tested the compatibility of the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system with the models listed in this chart. Sony makes no representations regarding the compatibility of models not listed on the chart below.

  • Not all models are sold in all countries.
  • The SonicStage® Ver.4.3 download service will start in mid-February 2007.
  • Use SonicStage Ver.4.3 to create a Music CD, ATRAC CD, or MP3 CD.

CD Walkman
ModelSupplied softwareMicrosoft Windows Vista compatible software
D-NE20SonicStageSonicStage Ver.4.3
D-NE920SonicStageSonicStage Ver.4.3
D-NE520SonicStageSonicStage Ver.4.3
D-NF420SonicStageSonicStage Ver.4.3
D-NE319SonicStageSonicStage Ver.4.3
D-NE320SonicStageSonicStage Ver.4.3
D-NE326CKSonicStageSonicStage Ver.4.3
D-NE329SPSonicStageSonicStage Ver.4.3
D-NE329LIVSonicStageSonicStage Ver.4.3
D-NF430NoneSonicStage Ver.4.3
D-NE330NoneSonicStage Ver.4.3
D-NE336CKNoneSonicStage Ver.4.3

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