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VAIO® Notebook Computer

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Model # VGN-BX660P  |   change model...

This model is also known as: IRX-3650 UCTO, PCG9X3L, VGNBX660P, VGNBX660P01, VGNBX660P21, VGNBX660P22, VGNBX660P23, VGNBX660P24, VGNBX660P25, VGNBX660P26, VGNBX660P27, VGNBX660P28, VGNBX660P29, VGNBX660P41, VGNBX660P42, VGNBX660P43, VGNBX660P44, VGNBX660P45, VGNBX660P46, VGNBX660P47, VGNBX660P48, VGNBX660P49, VGNBX660P50, VGNBX660P51, VGNBX660P52, VGNBX660P53, VGNBX660P54, VGNBX660P55, VGNBX660PS1, VGNBX660PS2, VGNBX660PS3, VGNBX660PS4, VGNBX660PS5,

Serial Number Location: On the bottom of the notebook.