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VAIO® SuperSlim™ Notebook Computer

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Model # PCG-V505EC  |   change model...

This model is also known as: IRX2850, PCG6B1L, PCG6B2L, PCGV505EC, PCGV505EC1, PCGV505EC1P, PCGV505EC2, PCGV505EC29, PCGV505EC5, PCGV505EC6, PCGV505EC61, PCGV505ECP, PCGV505ECP1, PCGV505ECP10, PCGV505ECP11, PCGV505ECP12, PCGV505ECP13, PCGV505ECP14, PCGV505ECP15, PCGV505ECP16, PCGV505ECP17, PCGV505ECP18, PCGV505ECP19, PCGV505ECP2, PCGV505ECP21, PCGV505ECP22, PCGV505ECP23, PCGV505ECP24, PCGV505ECP25, PCGV505ECP26, PCGV505ECP27, PCGV505ECP28, PCGV505ECP29, PCGV505ECP3, PCGV505ECP4, PCGV505ECP5, PCGV505ECP6, PCGV505ECP7, PCGV505ECP8, PCGV505ECP9,

Serial Number Location: On the bottom of the notebook.