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Android™ OS update now available

Posted: 9/27/2012

To upgrade your Sony Tablet™ S to the latest Android™ OS version perform a system update on the Tablet.

Android OS Version 4.0.3 Release 5a

Benefits provided by Android OS version 4.0.3 Release 5a:

New Features

  • Adds Guest Mode
  • Adds new media player applications (WALKMAN, Album and Movies)
  • Adds new Small Apps (Timer and Voice Recorder) and supports widgets
  • Adds the Xperia™ Link application
  • Adds macro functionality to Remote Control App and skin change
  • Adds news widgets including Topics
  • Adds the Socialife™ application (Updates Social Feed Reader Cloud to Socialife if you have already installed Social Feed Reader Cloud)
  • Adds the input languages for Japanese (Hand-writing), Korean, Arabic, Thai, and Greek
  • Enhances the clipboard function
  • Adds support for the SDK (Support Development Kit) for IR Remote control and Small apps

New Looks

  • New icon design for applications developed by Sony
  • The following apps are renamed:
    • The PlayMemories Online™ app has replaced the PersonalSpace app
      Note: May not be applicable in all countries or regions.
    • The Socialife app has replaced the Social Feed Reader Cloud app
    • The Sony Select app has replaced the Select app
  • Background color of the application tray is changed from white to black

Features Removed

  • Removes the Favorite application
  • Removes the DLNA® application
    Note: You will still be able to access DLNA enabled devices within WALKMAN, Album and Movies.
  • Removes the Throw feature within the Gallery application
    Note: You can throw photo/video using Album application
  • Removes the current Video Player and Music Player's apps/widgets placed on Home screen
    Note: These are replaced by Movies and WALKMAN


  • The Android OS version 4.0.3 Release 5a update includes the benefits provided by previous versions not already installed on the Tablet.

Android OS Version 4.0.3

Benefits provided by Android OS version 4.0.3:


  • Fixes the initial boot issue

New Features

  • Adds the Small App function
    • Adds the Small App tray at the bottom of the screen that lets you open the Browser, Calculator, or Remote Control App in a small window without closing the screen or application you currently have open.
  • Adds transition effects to enhance your slide shows
  • Adds the ability to access and play image, video, or music files directly from the SD card
    • For Sony Tablet S only

Video Performance

  • The Maximum bit rate of the video codec is changed:
    • H.264/AVC: 18Mbps to 10Mbps
    • WMV: 20Mbps to 10Mbps

Installation Note: To install the update, the Tablet must have more than 80MB of free internal storage. To check the amount of free internal storage:

  1. Open the Settings screen, and tap "Storage".
  2. Under "Internal storage (USB storage)", verify that the "Available" space listed is more than 80MB.
  3. If you need to free additional internal storage space, please migrate some applications to the SD card, or uninstall some applications.

Android OS Version 3.2.1 Release 2

Benefits provided by Android OS version 3.2.1 release 2:

New Features

  • Adds support for the Wireless Controller for PlayStation® 3 entertainment system
    • Requires SGPUC1 USB Adapter Cable (sold separately)
    • Not available in all countries and regions
    • For Sony Tablet S only
  • Adds the option to set "Nothing" as the default action when docking the Tablet S in the SGPDS1 cradle.
  • Adds "Cradle Setting" as an item on the "Applications" menu in "Settings".
  • Adds the Party Streaming™ function using DLNA®.
    • Party Streaming compatible devices are not available in all countries and regions

Enhanced Performance

  • Improves GPS performance
  • Resolves an issue where the Mail application may display columns incorrectly
  • Resolves an issue where it may not be possible to use the Mail application to set up a mail account
  • Improves wireless performance to reduce disconnections
  • Improves the user interface for update notifications
  • Improves the Android Market™ user interface

Android OS Version 3.2.1

Benefits provided by Android OS 3.2.1:

New Applications

  • PlayStation® Suite
    Note: The PlayStation Suite lets you enjoy PlayStation Certified games on your Sony Tablet S.
  • PlayStation™ Video

Note: PlayStation Suite and PlayStation™ Video are available only in the United States and Canada.

Enhanced Performance

  • Improves the screen rotation function
  • Notifies the user to re-enter their wireless encryption if it is entered incorrectly
  • Improves keyboard performance
  • Adds the ability to manually update the Media Player playlist
  • Reduces the time needed to reconnect to a wireless access point after resuming from sleep
  • Allows the Social Feed Reader application (for Facebook® and Twitter®) to work correctly after resuming from sleep
  • Improves audio playback when CPU processing is high
  • Removes the PlayStation Store update notification in regions where the PlayStation Store is unavailable
  • Improves the GPS positioning function
  • Improves DRM key processing and resolves an issue where you may see the error "Cannot play. The file is damaged" when playing a downloaded movie purchased from PlayStation™ Video

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