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Tech Support Tips for Before You Call

Here are some tips about what you should do BEFORE you call tech-support, or even during a tech support call, to make the experience more productive.

  • Self Registration:
    You can register your Sony® product online. Being registered before you call makes your initial call quicker because your model number, serial number, warranty status, and customer record is already established.
  • For Internet Connectivity Problems:
    Sometimes a problem exists with the Internet provider or third party equipment setup. Always review equipment setup (e.g. Wireless LAN) with the third party first, and then the Internet provider. Please note that Sony does supply tools to aid in setup and has FAQ posted online as well.
  • Regarding Software Support:
    Older software is sometimes not compatible with the latest operating system or changes key settings in other third party software creating compatibility issues. It is suggested that you review and understand the complexity of the software you are installing as well as that some softwares do not integrate well with each other.
  • Viruses & Spyware:
    It is recommended that you purchase the latest version of firewall, anti-virus, and spyware suites, as well as keep your operating system up to date with Microsoft Update. Sony also advises you to be cautious when receiving email from unknown parties, and visiting non-secure sites. Many tech support issues can be avoided by these preventative measures.
  • Data Back-Up:
    Keep current back-ups of important data at all times. It estimated that 1 in 4 systems in the computer industry needs to be recovered at some point. In the event of hard disk drive failure, data will be permanently lost.
  • Self-Help:
    Always check the Sony Electronics Support site at for the latest support information for your VAIO® model. It may save you a call!

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