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Notificação sobre o Programa de Substituição de Baterias Sony

Posted: 10/23/06

Dear Sony Valued Customer,

Sony initiated a global replacement program for certain lithium-ion notebook computer battery packs manufactured by the company to address the concerns of customers over the recent over-heating incidents in certain notebooks manufactured by companies other than Sony. We encourage all customers to check to see if their battery is affected and to follow the directions on proper use of their VAIO notebook and battery in Important Safety Information and Precautions. If you are eligible, a free battery will be provided to you.

Check Whether or Not Your Notebook Battery is Affected

The voluntary replacement program only applies to certain models and serial numbers of the VAIO battery packs. Select your battery model and part number from the drop-down boxes, type your serial number and then click the Check Battery button.

IMPORTANT: In addition to the battery packs included with the VAIO notebook models listed below, customers who purchased a battery pack as an accessory or had their original battery packs replaced during service may have an affected battery pack. If you purchased or received a replacement battery, please check your battery model and serial number below.

This validation form is only for VAIO battery customers residing in Brazil.

For Sony battery customers residing in other countries:

Notebook Model (optional):

Battery Model:

Battery Part Number:

Battery Serial Number:

How to locate the notebook model number?

How to locate the battery model, part number and serial number?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. If your VAIO notebook computer is on the list of covered models, what should you do?

A1. If your VAIO notebook computer is on the list of covered models, you should remove the battery from your computer and contact Sony using the form above to determine if your battery is covered by the replacement program. Removal of the battery is necessary to obtain its serial number. If the battery is covered by this program, consumers should follow the instructions provided by Sony for obtaining a replacement battery. While waiting for your replacement battery to arrive, you should be sure to follow all safety and usage instructions provided by Sony in Important Safety Information and Precautions.

Q2. Why are you implementing a replacement program?

A2. We are addressing the concerns of PC manufacturers, consumers and others, and are strongly encouraging consumers to participate in this replacement program.

Q3. Does this program cover battery packs sold separately as replacement batteries for VAIO notebook computers?

A3. Yes, customers who have purchased extra battery packs or who have replaced their original battery packs, may be covered by this program.

  • Battery pack model sold separately as extra battery packs: VGP-BPS3A
  • Battery pack models supplied as replacements from repair services: VGP-BPS3A, VGP-BPS2B

Q4. Are the batteries subject to this replacement program safe?

A4. Although no lithium ion battery is immune from failure or overheating, VAIO notebook computers are configured to incorporate various safety measures designed to prevent battery cell overheating or combustion.

Q5. What does the term "voluntary replacement" mean?

A5. Sony has decided to implement a voluntary replacement program in the interest of our customers, to address any customers' concerns arising over the recent over-heating incidents in certain notebooks manufactured by companies other than Sony. Sony has elected to do so in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission under a program referred to as the Fast Track Product Recall Program. This battery replacement program is completely voluntary and was not requested or mandated by the CPSC.