System Software Update

What Does This Do?
This utility updates the system firmware and provides the following benefits:
  • Live Streaming
    Note: In order to use the live streaming function, it is required to download the "Network Setting Tool" computer software and input the camera settings. Please refer to this Streaming videos on USTREAM web link for details.
  • Adds the following new functions in still image shooting:
    • Burst Still Shooting
    • Motion Shot LE (Limited Edition)
    • Self Timer
  • Improves functionality
  • Please view this Operating Guide for information on how to use the new functions provided by this firmware update.

Applicable Products and Operating Systems (see full list...)

IMPORTANT: This file is only for use with the models identified. Not all models are sold in all countries.

Table of Contents 
Determine if Your Camcorder Needs the Update 

This update is only for HDR-AS100V camcorders that currently have firmware version 1.00. If your camcorder firmware version is already Version 2.00, this update is not necessary.

Check the version of your camcorder firmware:

  1. Power on the camcorder.
  2. Press the "NEXT" button. If "LIVE" is displayed, the firmware version is 2.00 and the camcorder does not need this update.
    Setting Display Screen
Important Notes 
  • This utility is only for use with the Sony® HDR-AS100V camcorders. Do not install this utility with any other model.
  • WARNING!!: This firmware update and any changes incurred by it are permanent. It is not possible to return to a previous firmware version after updating this firmware. By continuing this update process and downloading and updating this firmware, you acknowledge that you are aware and understand that this update cannot be reversed.
  • This update process requires the following items for proper updating:
    • A computer with:
      • CPU: Intel® processor
        Note: Core™ Solo and Core Duo processors are not supported.
      • Available Hard Disk Space: 200 MB or more
      • Installed Memory (RAM): 512 MB or more
      • A USB port.
      • Macintosh® OS X versions 10.6 to 10.9.
    • Camcorder power supply:
      • This update can only be performed when the remaining battery level has three bars Battery Indicater or more. When performing the firmware update, it's recommended to use a fully charged NP-BX1 or NP-FG1 rechargeable battery pack.
        WARNING!!: The camcorder may not operate properly if the power is interrupted during the update.
    • USB cable:
      • Use only the USB cable supplied with the camcorder.
        IMPORTANT: Update functionality is not guaranteed with any other USB cable.
  • To ensure that no other program interferes with the installation, save all work and close all other programs. The Taskbar should be clear of applications before proceeding.
  • It is highly recommended that you print out these instructions for use as a reference during the installation process.
Prepare the Camcorder for the Firmware Update 
  1. Remove the memory card from the camcorder
  2. Ensure the camcorder battery is fully charged.
Download and Update the Firmware 
  1. Download the Update_HDRAS100VV200.dmg file to a temporary or download directory (please note this directory for reference).
  2. Go to the directory where the file was downloaded and double-click the Update_HDRAS100VV200.dmg.
    Note: Do not connect the camera to the computer yet.
  3. Double-click the "Firmware Updater" Firmware Updater Icon icon.
  4. At the Password prompt screen, enter the Name and Password for the administrative account, and then click "OK".
    Password Prompt Screen
  5. Ensure the memory card is removed from the camcorder.
  6. Connect the camcorder to your computer using the supplied USB cable.
    Note: "USB Mode" appears on the LCD screen of the camera./li>
  7. At the "Firmware Updater" window, click "Next".
    Connect the Camcorder Screen
    WARNING!!: Do not power off the camcorder or disconnect the USB cable until the update process is complete.
  8. When the updater recognizes the camcorder connection, the next "Firmware Updater" screen is displayed on the computer, and the camcorder screen displays UPDAT.
    Camcorder UPDAT Screen
  9. At the "Firmware Updater" window, click "Next".
    Camcorder Connected Screen
  10. When the following screen is displayed, check the version number at the lower left.
    Current Version Screen
    If the current version is "1.00", click "Next".
    Note: If the current version is "2.00", your camcorder does not need this update. Stop the USB connection and click "Finish". Then power off the camcorder, briefly remove the battery pack, and then power on the camcorder again.

  11. IMPORTANT: Do not disconnect the USB cable from the camcorder or the computer.
  12. On the camcorder, press the ENTER button to reset the camcorder.
    Camcorder ENTER Button Screen
    After resetting, reconnection of the camcorder is verified, and the following Firmware Updater screen appears.
  13. At the "Firmware Updater" screen, click "Next".
    Click Next Screen
  14. When the following screen is displayed, click "Run".
    Note: The update process takes about ten minutes to complete.
    Run the Update Screen
    WARNING!!: Do not power off the camcorder or disconnect the USB cable until the update process is complete.
  15. When the following screen is displayed, click "Finish".
    Update Complete Screen
  16. You may now disconnect the USB cable.
  17. Power off the camcorder and remove the battery pack. Then reconnect the battery pack and power the camcorder back on.
Check the Firmware Version After Updating (optional) 
  1. Power on the camcorder.
  2. Press the "NEXT" button to display "LIVE", this confirms the firmware version is 2.00.
    Setting Display Screen
    If "LIVE" is displayed, the firmware update was successful.
    Note: If "LIVE" is not displayed, please download and install the firmware update again.
Update_HDRAS100VV200.dmg  (200.17 MB)

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Date: 6/18/2014
Version: 2.00
Size: 200.17 MB
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