TV Home Menu

Most TV functions are available from this menu screen called the TV Home Menu/XMB(Xross Media Bar). Press HOME to access the menu.

The Category icons organize your TV settings and TV features for quick and easy access.
Press / to highlight an item within a Category icon and then press to make a selection.


Category Icons

The Settings icon contains all of the necessary configurations to customize your TV settings.
Product Support for troubleshooting and TV software information.
Preferences for customizing TV settings such as Timers, Parental Lock, Language, and much more.
Picture & Display for adjusting picture and display settings.
Sound for adjusting sound and speaker related settings.
Channels & Inputs for setting up TV channel list and external inputs.
Network for setting up Network related settings.

The Photo, Music, and Video icons organize your photo, music, and video files from Internet content providers, DLNA Certified media servers, and Sony USB connected equipment. Be sure to select the correct icon when accessing files. Refer to Exploring Fun Features for more information on these icons.

The TV icon provides you access to the TV channel list. You can select the TV Guide On Screen® icon located at the top of the channels list from this icon.

Highlight the External Inputs icon to select your connected home equipment inputs when watching a movie, playing a game, recording a program, or working on your PC.
The Network icon lists downloaded BRAVIA Internet Widgets. You can access the Widget Gallery from this icon. Refer to Exploring Fun Features for more information on this icon.