TV Guide On Screen

Use the Guide to find the program that you want to watch. The Guide allows you to organize and personalize the program listings.
The Guide is available with connection to your cable service or with over-the-air antenna signal. You must connect your signal directly to the TV's CABLE/ANTENNA input without using a cable box. If you are connecting an over-the-air antenna use a high quality antenna to receive high-definition programs.

Be sure to complete the Initial Setup to use the service.

Use your TV’s remote control to navigate the Guide system

Press GUIDE to display the TV Guide On Screen.
The following remote control buttons are all you need to navigate the Guide:

  • Use the /// buttons to move about and highlight an item on the screen.
  • To select or confirm an item or action command, press .
  • Use the OPTIONS button to return to the Guide’s menu bar.
  • Navigation shortcuts are available, see How to use shortcuts.

The Guide Menu Bar includes the following features:



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