Presence Sensor

Presence Sensor Feature

TV Status Descriptoin
Normal mode
(Picture and sound)
Displays a message and turns off the backlight when no motion or body heat is detected in the vicinity after a user-set timeframe. When Presence Sensor is enabled in ECO Settings, the sensor detects the movement and body heat of anyone sitting within the viewing range of the TV set.
Picture OFF mode
(Sound only)
PIC OFF/TIMER LED lights up in green to indicate that the TV is in the Picture OFF mode (backlight off). During the Picture OFF mode (backlight off), the sensor is actively detecting motion within the viewing range for 30 minutes. If it detects motion, the TV instantly restores the normal viewing mode. Otherwise, it switches itself to off.
Standby mode STANDBY LED lights up in red to indicate that the TV is in the Standby mode. The sensor is inactive.
The TV restores its normal viewing mode and reactivates the sensor when POWER button on the remote control or the TV set is pressed.

Presence Sensor effectively reduces power consumption by automatically turning off the picture when no one is present in the vicinity of the TV set.

The Presence Sensor is capable of detecting vertical and horizontal movements. It may not detect forward/backward movements to/from the TV set. Large movements are easier to detect, even of someone in a relatively far distance. The sensitivity of the sensor can vary substantially depending on ambient light and temperature in the room.
*The given sensor range and detection angle are measured under typical room conditions.

Sensor Range and Detection Angle

  • The sensor is active while watching broadcast programs, DVD movies, video games and tapes. It is not active during functional views such as displaying menus and the TV guide.
  • Do not put anything near the sensor or the nearby general area (shown above), as its function may be affected.
  • The sensor may respond to heat from small animals and heating devices, as it picks up body heat.
  • The sensor may trigger picture off when the viewer stays still for the given amount of time.
  • Do not scratch or apply excessive force to the sensor surface, as it may damage the sensor and its function may be affected.

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