Preparation for a Table-Top Stand

1) Remove the Table-Top Stand from the carton and the four screws from the bag attached to the Table-Top Stand. For product protection and safety reasons, Sony strongly recommends that you use the screws provided with the TV.

2) Place the Table-Top Stand on a level and stable surface.

3) Gently slide the TV unit onto the neck of the Table-Top Stand and align the screw holes.

  • Do not put stress on the LCD panel or the frame around the screen.
  • Be careful to not pinch your hands or the AC power cord when you install the TV unit to the Table-Top Stand.

4) Use the supplied screws to attach the TV unit to the Table-Top Stand (refer to the “Attaching the Table-Top Stand” flyer). If an electric screwdriver is used, set the torque to tighten at approximately 1.5 N·m, 15 Kgf·cm.

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