Carrying the TV

Some TV models are packaged with a detached Table-Top Stand so you can mount it to a wall right away. If you are not mounting the TV to a wall, you will need to attach the Table-Top Stand. You will need a Phillips screwdriver and the supplied screws to complete the task. Look for the instructions attached to the TV unit.

Be sure to consider the following while setting up your TV:

  • Carry the TV with an adequate number of people; larger size TVs require two or more people.
  • Correct hand placement while carrying the TV is very important for safety and to avoid damages.
  • Ensure your TV has adequate ventilation if it is installed against a wall or in an enclosed area.
  • For best picture quality, do not expose the screen to direct illumination or sunlight.
  • Avoid installing the TV in a room with reflective wall and floor materials.
  • Avoid moving the TV from a cold area to a warm area. Sudden room temperature changes may cause moisture condensation. This may cause the TV to show poor picture and/or poor color. Should this occur, allow moisture to evaporate completely before powering the TV on.
  • Be sure to hold the bottom of the panel, and not the transparent part, speaker, or speaker grill area. Do not compress the panel's speaker grill area.
  • Do not lift the TV from the bottom center.

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