Cable System or VHF/UHF Antenna System

You can enjoy high-definition and standard-definition digital programming (if available in your area) along with standard-definition analog programming.

  • This TV is capable of receiving unscrambled digital programming for both cable (QAM and 8VSB) and external VHF/UHF antenna (ATSC).
  • It is strongly recommended that you connect the CABLE/ANTENNA input using a 75-ohm coaxial cable to receive optimum picture quality. A 300-ohm twin lead cable can be easily affected by radio frequency interference, resulting in signal degradation.

Cable or VHF/UHF (or VHF only)

Cable System and VHF/UHF Antenna System

Use an optional A-B RF switch (not supplied) to switch between the cable and
over-the-air antenna programming.

  • Be sure to set the Cable setting to Cable or Antenna in the Channel menu for the type of input signal you choose.

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