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Rechargeable Batteries and Battery Chargers Support

Welcome to Sony's Rechargeable Battery and Battery Charger eSupport page. This page will provide you with information on warranties and recycling as well as user manuals for your Sony rechargeable batteries and battery chargers.

Contacting Customer Service

Customer Service
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Warranty Information for Rechargeable Batteries and Battery Chargers

Please click on the attached document to learn about Sony's limited warranty on Rechargeable Batteries and Battery Chargers. Sony provides a 1 year limited warranty from purchase date on the original receipt.


Recycle Information for Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries

Telephone : 1-800-822-8837


User Manuals for Battery Chargers

Covers Models


Q:  Whats the difference between an alkaline and a Ni-MH battery?

A:  The materials are different. While Alkaline batteries are primary batteries (non rechargeable), NI-MH batteries are rechargeable batteries which can be used repeatedly.

Q:  How do you calculate 2100 mAh? Is it an average capacity?

A:  It is calculated according to IEC standard. 2100mAH is a typical capacity which is similar to an average.

Q:  What type of Sony Ni-MH batteries can I charge?

A:  Sony AA or AAA size Ni-MH batteries can be charged.

Q:  Are Sony Ni-MH batteries compatible with any type of Digital Still Camera?

A:  Yes, they are compatible with any type of Digital Still Camera that uses AA or AAA size batteries.

Q:  Are there any special combinations to follow to charge batteries?

A:  Any combination of AA and AAA rechargeable batteries can be charged.

Q:  Can I keep the charger always plugged and charge batteries anytime?

A:  The charger should be disconnected from the electrical outlet when the charging process is complete or when the charges in not in use.

Q:  Whats the safety timer?

A:  It is a timer which terminates the charging process after a certain period. This is to prevent over-charging.

Q:  Whats the temperature monitoring function?

A:  It is a safety function to shut down the electrical current when the battery temperature exceeds a certain level. When the battery temperature becomes too high during the charging process, the electrical current is automatically shut down until the battery cools down to a normal temperature.

Q:  What is memory effect?

A:  The "memory effect" is a voltage depletion caused by charging and discharging a battery without the battery ever being fully discharged.

*The impact of the "memory effect" varies depending on the equipment in which the batteries are being used.