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VAIO International Repair Service

Beginning in September 2008, VAIO® computers purchased in the U.S. come with an International Service option during the 1 year limited warranty period. If you are uncertain as to your model's eligibility, please check your model specifications sheet to see if the International Service program is listed.

Product registration is required to receive service for these models in other countries. It is recommended that you register your VAIO notebook BEFORE you travel abroad to avoid any unnecessary delays in service.


What if my VAIO computer did not come with the International Service option and I am a foreign visitor in the U.S. or a U.S. customer in a foreign country?

You still have options. In either scenario, it is recommended that you contact the VAIO U.S. Support center at 1-888-476-6972 (toll free) or 1-239-768-7605 (priority support) to troubleshoot the problem, since most issues do not result in hardware repair. However, should it be determined that repair is needed, you have the option to mail, at your own expense, your notebook to the U.S. VAIO Repair Depot, and we will repair it per U.S. Limited Warranty terms and guidelines within one year of the manufacturing date. Past one year from the manufacturing date, out of warranty pricing will apply.

Note: If you are a U.S. customer in another country, you may also choose a VAIO computer repair option in the country you are visiting, but expect local parts and labor charges to apply.

How do I receive repair for my VAIO® DUO PC in Latin America?

Exclusively for customers who have purchased an eligible Sony VAIO® DUO (see applicable models below) at a Sony store may receive International Repair Service in Latin America. This program has been created to provide a more convenient way for customers to obtain repair service in Mexico, Chile, Peru, and Colombia. If you purchased the VAIO® DUO at a U.S. Sony store and have one of the applicable models below, please see Applicable Countries and Contact Information on how to obtain repair. Additional terms and conditions apply, please see Terms and Conditions for additional information.

  • SVD13213CXB
  • SVD13213CXW
  • SVD13215PXB
  • SVD13215PXW
  • SVD1321APXB
  • SVD1321APXR