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Remote Codes and Programming Instructions


Programming instructions for this remote are shown at the bottom of this page.

Select the brand name from the drop down list for each component for which you want to see codes.



Code Choices

Blu-Ray Disc Player
Cable Box
CD Player
DAT Deck
Digital Satellite receiver
DVD Player
DVD/PVR Combination
Hard Drive/DVD Combo
Laser Disc Player
MD Deck
Tape Deck
Video CD Player

Programming Instructions

Follow these steps to program the remote control.

  1. On the remote control, press and hold the RM SET UP button.
  2. NOTE: It may be necessary to use the tip of ball point pen to depress the RM SET UP button down further than the remote control case.

  3. While holding down the RM SET UP button, press and release the A/V I/O button.
  4. Release the RM SET UP button.
  5. Press the input (component) button to be controlled.
  6. Press the number buttons to enter the numeric code corresponding to the component and the make of the component to be controlled.
  7. NOTE: If more than one code number is listed for the manufacturer, enter one code at a time until you find one that works.

  8. Press the ENT/MEM button.


  • If a new code number is entered, the code number previously entered will be erased.
  • When the batteries are replaced, the programmed codes may be erased. It may be necessary to reprogram the remote after replacing the batteries.
  • The operation of a combination deck of any kind is not guaranteed.
  • Some product functions may not be able to be controlled by the remote control. Use the remote control provided with the component.
  • In some rare cases, you may not be able to operate your non-Sony equipment with the supplied remote control. This is because your equipment may use a code that is not provided with this remote control. In this case, use the remote control that was provided with the equipment or purchase a universal remote control that has a learning function.
  • If programming fails, it may be necessary to reset the remote control. To reset the remote control, remove the batteries and press each button on the remote control twice.