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Compatibility list for Bluetooth® devices sold in the U.S. and Canada

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General Notes

  • The Bluetooth® enabled mobile phone and audio device compatibility presented in this document is validated under certain conditions, including the device specification at the time of testing.
  • Be sure to refer to the manual or vendor of each device for assistance in the operation/setup with the car audio unit.
  • If unable to operate the Bluetooth function of the car audio unit, please follow these steps to reset the head unit:
    • Turn off the car audio unit by pressing the OFF / SOURCE button for 1 second.
    • Turn on the car audio unit by pressing the OFF / SOURCE button.
    Note: To ensure synchronization with the head unit, turn off and then turn on your connected Bluetooth device at the same time.
  • Some devices may require you initiate the connection by operating the device.
  • The Bluetooth auto-connection function may not work with some devices. If the auto-connection function does not work, it will be necessary to manually connect the device.
  • Some mobile phones may disconnect the Bluetooth connection when the Hands free mode is turned off. In this case, reconnect the car audio unit through the mobile phone.
    Note: Always pay full attention to driving and pull off the road and park before making or answering a call if driving conditions so require. Some jurisdictions may limit use of Hands free function. Please comply with applicable laws and restrictions.
  • Sound interruption may occur during Hands free talking or Music Streaming depending on the operation status, radio wave condition and utilization condition of the mobile phone or audio device.
  • If the car audio unit music replay operation is not working when the source is set to Bluetooth Audio mode, it will be necessary to operate the Bluetooth audio device directly for music replay.
  • On some mobile phones, the contact list displayed on the car audio unit may differ from the contact list displayed on the mobile phone.
  • On some mobile phones, a contact name may be reversed when it is transferred.
  • Some of the contact information characters may not display properly.
  • The battery reminder and signal strength indicators may not correspond to those on the mobile phone.
  • The elapsed-time counter may not be updated during playback on some Bluetooth audio devices.
  • Be sure to set the Audio Device setting to either USB or Bluetooth® on your phone and the car audio unit when connected via the USB cable and the Bluetooth® Audio (A2DP) connection.
    Note: If the settings do not match, no sound will be heard from the car audio system.
  • The contact list displayed on the car audio unit may be different than the contact list in the mobile phone.
  • Network operator's name and device name information may not correspond to those on the mobile phone.
  • Some mobile phones will ask permission before accessing one of your contacts. If this is the case, you will have to give permission on the phone itself.
  • The car stereo can only communicate with phones with a PIN code of 0000.
  • These results do not guarantee proper operation of the device and are subject to change without notice.