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VAIO International Repair Service
Terms and Conditions

Eligible Customers and Products

This VAIO International Repair Service (or the "Service") is made available by Sony Electronics Inc. (for U.S. sales) or Sony of Canada Ltd. (for Canadian sales) ("Sony") only for the original purchaser ("Customer" or "You"/"Your") of an eligible product (the "Product") in his or her country of permanent residence ("Home Country") who is temporarily located in one of the designated countries or areas (the "Service Country or Area" or collectively the "Service Countries or Areas"). The Service will be rendered by Sony or a Sony-authorized third party in the Service Countries or Area ("Local Sony"). The list of the Products, Home Countries and Service Countries or Areas participating and covered by the VAIO International Repair Service may be found at (the "Web Site").

Customers may only obtain Service after they have registered the Product at the Web Site and have provided all requested information. Customers may be able to register the Product over the telephone by contacting their Home Country at the phone number listed on the Web Site. This Service is not transferable to any subsequent owners of the Product. Sony may, at any time and at its discretion, change the Service Countries or Areas participating in the VAIO International Repair Service and the eligible Products, without any notice.

This program has been created to provide a more convenient way for customers to obtain repair service in applicable countries. However, please note that the purchase of your product is from Sony Electronics Inc. in the U.S. and Sony of Canada Ltd. in Canada. The manufacturer’s limited warranty applicable to your product at the time and place (U.S. or Canada) of sale continues to apply in all respects, and to the extent there are any provisions in these Terms and Conditions that conflict with that limited warranty, that limited warranty shall control.


The VAIO International Repair Service is free of charge for a period of twelve (12) months from the original date of purchase of the Product. Dated proof of purchase is required for registration. Sony may, at any time and at its discretion, change the term of the VAIO International Repair Service without any notice.

The VAIO International Repair Service may be available for a fee after the twelve (12) month period has expired. Please contact the applicable Home Country or check the Web Site for details.

Repair Coverage and Exclusions

Under the VAIO International Repair Service, Sony will repair, free of charge, any defects in the material or workmanship of the hardware unit of the Product. Software, cables, peripherals, consumables and printed materials (such as instruction manuals, labels, etc.) are not covered under the Service. Free of charge repair is only provided for defects in materials or workmanship under standard usage (as stated in the instruction manual, labels and other printed material included with the Product). The Service will be performed in accordance with the local laws of the Local Sony. Except where prohibited by law, Sony reserves the right to use, at its discretion, new or refurbished parts as part of the Service.

The VAIO International Repair Service does not cover the following:

  1. Defects caused by use in an environment that does not meet the specifications of the Product or contrary to the user manual;
  2. Damage due to accident, misuse, negligence or unauthorized repair or modifications of the Product;
  3. Damage due to contact with liquid, water, rain, extreme humidity or heavy perspiration, sand, dirt or the like, extreme heat or food;
  4. Damage due to improper operation or maintenance of the Product;
  5. Damage caused by connecting the Product to an improper voltage supply;
  6. Damage caused by dropping or hitting the Product;
  7. Damage caused by acts of God including fire, earthquakes, floods, lightning, pollution or power surges;
  8. Damage caused by the attempted repair by any party other than a Sony authorized personal computer service facility;
  9. Malfunction resulting from the use of the Product in conjunction with accessories, products or ancillary or peripheral equipment or where it is determined by Sony that there is no fault found with the Product itself;
  10. If the factory applied serial number has been altered or removed from the Product;
  11. Any consumable items such as the battery or the natural deterioration/burn-in of display panel; and
  12. Cosmetic damage including any damage or defect which does not interfere with the functionality of the Product.

The Local Sony, at its discretion and in accordance with its usual terms and conditions, may agree to perform repairs on the Product that are excluded under the VAIO International Repair Service. If You wish to have an excluded repair performed on the Product by the Local Sony (including the exclusions noted above) You will be charged for all parts and labor and there may also be a shipping charge in connection with the Service. If after receiving the Product the Local Sony has determined that the repair is not covered free of charge under the VAIO International Repair Service, the Local Sony will contact You before performing the repair. You will be informed of any charges, in detail, and asked to confirm whether the repair should be performed and for a credit card authorization or other form of payment prior to the repair. Please be aware that such fees may differ between Service Countries or Areas and from Your Home Country due to currency exchange rates, parts prices and other variables. Please also be aware that Your credit card company may assess a fee for currency change or charges in foreign countries. The period during which the Product is away from You may be longer than when repairs are performed under the VAIO International Repair Service as no repairs will be performed without Your consent and payment authorization.

Please note that if You decide that You do not wish to proceed with the repair after being informed of the charges, You may be charged a diagnostic fee. Please check the web site of the Local Sony to determine any applicable diagnostic fees.

Sony Group may, at any time and at its discretion, change the coverage and exclusions of the VAIO International Repair Service without any notice.

Requesting Repair Process and Condition

You can request a repair under the VAIO International Repair Service by calling the call center for the Local Sony at the telephone number designated on the Web Site. Local language and English is available at each Local Sony call center. You are responsible for any telecommunications costs incurred by you in contacting Sony for the VAIO International Repair Service. You must have registered the Product with Your Home Country prior to requesting Service. Products sent in for repair will be shipped back to You at either the Local Sony or the same location where You sent Your unit from. Either a box will be shipped to You by the Local Sony for the Product, in which case You are responsible to package the Product and deliver it to the designated courier for delivery to the Local Sony, or You will be directed to deliver the Product directly to the Local Sony's service location. For specific instructions, please check the web site of the Local Sony for Your Service Country or Area.

During the Service, the contents of the hard drive may be altered, deleted or modified. It is Your responsibility to back up the contents of Your hard drive, including any stored data or installed software, as well as to remove all recording media (such as DVD/CD-ROM) and peripherals from the Product prior to sending it in for Service. Sony will not be responsible for any damage to or loss of any peripherals, programs, data or other information that may be stored on any media or installed in any part of any Product serviced hereunder. The Product may be returned to You configured as originally purchased (subject to availability of software and technical considerations).

Please Note:

  1. Sony does not offer on-site repair under the Service.
  2. Sony does not offer data back-up service under the Service.
  3. Sony does not offer software back-up service under the Service.
  4. Repair periods may be longer in a Service Country or Area than it would in the Home Country because parts may need to be imported from the Home Country.
  5. If the repair requires the import/export of regulated repair parts such as Wireless-LAN, or other parts which use encryption technology, that part of the repair may be declined.
  6. The terms and conditions of the Service Country or Area will apply under the Service, rather than the terms and conditions of the Home Country.
  7. Products will only be shipped back to You at the same location You sent the Product from, or delivered to the Local Sony. Subject to import/export restrictions, the Local Sony may, at its discretion, deliver the repaired Product to another address within the Service Country or Area or to an address outside of the Service Country for an additional fee.

Disclaimer and Jurisdiction

Sony shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages, for breach of any express or implied warranty or condition, breach of contract, negligence, strict liability or any other legal theory related to the product. Some countries may not permit the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages. Any claims arising out of this Service shall be deemed within the jurisdiction of the Service Country or Area and shall be governed by the laws of the Service Country or Area, and shall only be actionable in reference to the Local Sony.

Personal Data (Privacy)

The Local Sony will collect Your personal information such as Your name, address, phone number and passport number ("Personal Information") as well as details regarding the Product in connection with providing the Service. Personal Information will be treated pursuant to the Local Sony's personal information management policy. You may contact the Local Sony for details of such policy. You can always provide the Local Sony with Your latest personal information and/or require us to correct any data which is inaccurate or outdated.

Service Countries or Area

The Service is offered only in the Service Countries or Area stated below. Sony reserves the right to change the Service Countries and Areas at its sole discretion and at any time. Please check the Web Site for updated information. USA (including the Continental United States, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and all territories) – Canada – South Africa – Australia – New Zealand – Singapore – Thailand – Hong Kong – Malaysia – India – Korea – Taiwan – Japan – Ireland – England – Italy – Austria – Netherlands – Greece – Switzerland – Sweden – Denmark – Spain – Germany – Finland – France – Belgium – Portugal – Luxemburg – Hungary – Czech Republic – Romania – Bulgaria – Slovakia – Russia.