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Netflix® Setup & FAQ

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Netflix® is an online subscription service that charges a flat rate monthly fee for rental-by-mail and online streaming of movies and TV episodes. Learn more about it.

What do I need to use Netflix?

You will need these items:

  • A Netflix Ready Device (NRD) that can connect to the Internet, such as one of these:
    • Blu-ray Disc™ Player
    • Television - LCD/LED HDTV or Internet TV
    • Internet Player with Google TV™
    • Media Player
    • BRAVIA® Internet Video Link

    Note: These devices are sometimes referred to as Bravia Internet Video (BIV) devices.

  • A computer or tablet and an active Internet connection
    2.5 Mbps or higher recommended - test connection speed.
  • A Sony Essentials account and a Netflix account. You can get both of these accounts during the setup process if you do not already have them.

How do I setup Netflix?

You need to complete these steps:

1. Connect your device to the Internet
2. Register your device on the Essentials web site for Internet Video on Demand services
  1. Using your device remote control, navigate to the Network section of the Xross Media Bar menu (XMB™) menu on your device to get your Essentials Registration Code.
    1. Using the supplied remote, press the HOME button.
    2. Using the left or right arrow, select Network network menu icon.
    3. Using the up arrow or down arrow, select Activate Enhanced Features or Internet Video. Note: On some models, Activate Enhanced Features (register your device) only appears after you go through the Internet Video setup.
      1. At the End User License Agreement, click Agree & Next.
      2. Click Close.
      3. Using the left or right arrow, go back to Network.
      4. Using the up arrow or down arrow, select Activate Enhanced Features (Register your Device).
    4. Press the Select button remote select button to begin the activation.
    5. Once the activation is complete, the Registration Code will appear.
    6. Write down the Registration Code.

  2. Using your computer, register your Sony device at the Essentials web site.
    1. Using your computer, go to
    2. Login to the Essentials site:
      If you already have an Essentials or Sony Store account
      1. Enter your email address and password and click the arrow to proceed.
      2. Go to Manage Products.
      3. Select Register a product.
      4. Enter your Essentials Product Registration code, and click VALIDATE.
      If you do not have an account
      1. Click Create an account.
      2. Enter your Essentials Product Registration code, and click VALIDATE.
      3. Enter device information, and click Continue.
      4. Enter personal information, and click Next.
      5. When the congratulations screen appears, you're done.
3. Register your device and select your movies on the Netflix web site

You must either already have or create a Netflix account (free trial offer) and, depending on the model, may also need to register your device to your Netflix account.

  1. Using the your device remote control, press the HOME button.
  2. Using the left or right arrow , select Video video menu icon.
  3. Using the up arrow or down arrow, select the Netflix channel netflix menu icon .
  4. Press the Select button remote select button.
  5. If prompted, select a Netflix experience option.
  6. The next steps vary by model, so please pay close attention to the options on your screen.

    Scenario 1:

    1. At the prompt, select Member sign in if you are already a Netflix member or Start Your Free Trial, if you are not.

    2. Fill out the form as needed to login.

    Scenario 2:

    1. At the prompt, select Yes if you are already a Netflix member or No if you are not.
      Note: If not yet a member, you will also need to select Yes at the Ready to Get Started prompt.
    2. Write down the Netflix registration code that appears.
    3. Using your computer, open a web browser and go to
    4. If you already have a Netflix membership, click Member Sign In, and then login. Otherwise, click Free Trial.
      1. To start a free trial, enter your email address, a password, and click Continue.
      2. Fill out the form, and click Start Membership.
    5. At the top-right of the screen, click Your Account.
    6. Under Your Streaming Plan, click Activate a Device.
    7. Enter your Netflix registration code and click the Activate button.
  7. You can now select a movie and click Play to watch it now or add it to your Instant Queue for later viewing.

After setup you can watch Netflix movies and TV programs on your device by using the remote control to go to the Netflix channel. For most titles, the video will remain in your Instant Queue until it expires or you remove it. You can remove videos from your Instant Queue via your device menu or the Netflix web site using your PC.

Netflix FAQ & Troubleshooting