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Important notice about the pinball game included with the "Surf's Up" Blu-ray Disc™ movie.
Posted: 10/05/2007

A firmware compatibility issue may cause some intermittent screen flashing with the interactive pinball game on the Blu-ray Disc version of "Surf’s Up". A firmware update will resolve this BD-Java compatibility issue. We strongly recommend you update your player to firmware version 2.60 or higher before playing this game.

Please click here to download the firmware update yourself. Make sure that your computer is equipped with a DVD burner and that you have a compatible (blank) DVD-R/RW disc close at hand (other types of recordable DVDs may work, but DVD-R/RW is recommended).

If you do not have a DVD burner in your computer, or if you require assistance, please contact Sony Canada customer support at 877-899-SONY (877-899-7669).